Julie True Kingsley: Babushka Doll Stationary

From: Julie True Kingsley’s Blog
January 19, 2012 at 12:54PM

Back in third grade I remember somebody (funny, I don’t remember who!), bringing in the Russian nesting dolls known as Babushkas.   I simply loved them.  I mean, they were just so darn quirky and those little faces popping out one after another! So great.  I still recall each doll had a different expression giving them their own personality just by the way their little mouths pouted.

So when I saw these cards at my favorite gift store The Daytrip Society, I had to buy them for my girl.  On Christmas morning,  I waited for her to open with high expectations of gift giving stardom.  So I was kind of surprised when she just flung them into the gift pile as you would fling old underwear into the hamper.  It didn’t matter, I knew that she’d figure out the wonder of this gift and she just did.

It took one attempt of writing letter before she realized how much fun it was to stack cards within each other.  That her ideas zigged and zagged with the folds of the paper and the shape of the doll.  The realization that this wasn’t any letter writing experience hit her third grade soul and she was hooked!

“This is the coolest gift ever!” She yelled yesterday from across the room.

“Well, it is a Babushka!”  I replied.  ”What’d you expect?”

Check out more nesting dolls at Buzzfeed…. they are awesome!


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