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March 28, 2012 at 09:40AM


Twitter is my most effective social media tool that I have as a writer.  It’s kind of like a cocktail party where everyone is kind of hanging out talking about all aspects of the writing field.  It has links that that lead to thoughtful craft discussions and it has things like this:

Suzie Townsend (@sztownsend81)
3/27/12 5:03 PM
I’m looking for contemporary literary YA, something like Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta

That’s right agents and editors go on Twitter and simply ask for what they want.  If you are savvy and you have what they want (and this happened to me!), you can immediately query them, and if you are lucky they will get back to you so quickly you think it might be an out of office reply, but it’s not.   That agent might ask you for an immediate full request.  That’s a damn quick slush pile.

This is also a portal for really amazing writing sites, such as Operation Awesome and Miss Snarks First Victim (to name just a few).  Here you’ll find pitch sessions and craft critiques that will truly move your writing along.

Okay, but Twitter can feel overwhelming.  This is my top ten things to do:

1.) Be patient.  You are the new kid in town.  Finding followers is not a race.

2.) Don’t go around just promoting yourself.  It’s obnoxious and it makes people not follow you.  So, be sly, give stuff away.  Show your inspirations.  Share your sense of humor.  Repost things that you feel people be interested.  Stick up your blog posts, they’ll be snatched into newspaper like blog and your readership will grow. It’s magic!

3.) Be friendly.  Build relationships with groups you want to be in. Send people direct messages.  Like this, “Hey, thanks of the follow.  Looking forward to your tweets!”  So simple.

4.) Always link to your site in your profile and put a picture up.  This is how people know that you are real.

5.) Twitter has a lot of random porn.  Delete and block quickly.  (I wrote this post on Dirty Barbie and got totally swept up in that world, took me forever to get off that list.)

6.) Retweet, repost, and build trust with people you follow.

7.) Use humor!

8.) There is a tipping point with followers.  Once over a hundred people follow you, other people seem to come out of the woodwork.  (On that note, if you are following two hundred and only fifty people are following you, it looks like you are a spammer.  Hold back or unfollow until your numbers are more equal).

9.) Follow people in the writing industry with clout.  Editors and agents and famous writers have an insight into the world that we can only dream of.  Scratch that… that I can  only dream of.   They might not follow you back.  They also might ignore you.  That’s okay.  I don’t need to be the Twitter Prom Queen, but would it be nice.

10.) This is my favorite for writers:  Pour a glass of wine, sit your butt on the couch, and participate in chats.  There are a whole bunch of different ones.  I often do #kidlitchat (Tuesday nights, 9 pm)  and #yalitchat (Wednesday night, 9 pm).  It’s easiest to do this on tweetchat.  Just plug in the hashtag and you’ll be able to follow the chat in the quickest streaming way.    Another note on this, this can feel awkward, force yourself to jump in.  You’ll meet really cool people and if  you are clever enough, people will follow you.

So, Twitter is simply a portal of writing goodness.  If you are not a writer, find your community.  People talk about wine or sports or shopping.  Whatever! But as writers this is an easy, free place to build a platform.

How much time to do I spend on Twitter?  I’d guess about fifteen minutes a day, if I’m not doing a chat.  Oh, and I even like their commercials!  Check this one out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmB15ER3LUQ

Oh, want to follow me? Please do:


See you on the Twittah! (Maine Speak…).

One more thing and it’s a shameless plug.  I not only teach this, but will consult for you if you are desperate.  Reduced rates for writers! Oops, just broke my rule on self-promotion.  See just how obnoxious it is?

Call me….


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