Shoshana Flax: A few things that made me happy this week

From: Walk the Ridgepole
April 27, 2012 at 02:19PM

Thing 1: Stephen Colbert continues to demonstrate his respect for the children’s book world by acting in character like he doesn’t get it at all. His picture book I am a Pole and So Can You comes out May 8. Colbert celebrated by interviewing the embodiment of joy that is (the apparently potty-mouthed) Julie Andrews. There is discourse. There is singing. There is delight. (See if you can spot the one throwaway line that made me less than happy. Et tu, Julie?)

Thing 2: Charlie Kaufman, best-known for writing in a quirky manner about book-to-film adaptations and about people going  inside each other’s heads, is going to write the film version of the Chaos Walking trilogy. It’s a match made in Haven. (Sorry.)

Thing 3: Dr. Seuss. In space.

Thing 4: Fresh off the NESCBWI conference, I’ve done some examining of a character who had me perplexed, and I’m pleased to find that she’s turned out more assertive than I might consciously have made her, and I think it works, at least for this draft. You go, girl! Now to stick you in some awkward situations…

Hope you’ve all had happy weeks!


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