Theresa Milstein: Z is for ZZ Topp

From: Theresa’s Tales of Teaching Tribulations and Typing Teen Texts

        By the title, you can see it was slim pickings for Z too.  MTV played “Legs” and “Sharp Dressed Man” constantly.  I wasn’t too happy about it.  These guys were the opposite of hot.  But, really, these videos are not to be

The bullied girl with the glasses gets a makeover in
“Legs”.   She’s the Cinderella
of the shoe store.  Why are all the
people so mean?  Why is the band
playing in the street?  Why are
their beards so long?  How are they
able to appear out of thin air? Luckily, these “sexy” 80s women come to make
her over.  It’s a real
Sandy-in-Grease moment. 
 Oh man, I’m watching the video and I remember the whole thing.  Thanks a lot, MTV.  How much important information didn’t
have room to make space for this dreck?

Aww, she winds up with the cute guy.  THE END. 
Sharp Dressed Man 

And not that this band would know anything about it, but
their other hit was “Sharp Dressed Man”. Boy, this ZZ Topp car gets a lot of
airtime.  And look at all that 80s
fashion.  Oh no, the ZZ Topp guys
are appearing out thin air again. 
Why do three women always have to come and save the day?  And why did we all think that hair
looked good? 
This is a makeover video too.  Why do they think the white tux looks better than the
black?  I think he was more sharply
dressed before.

What do you think?

Well, what a note to end on.
If only we could have stopped at U. 
Thanks for reading, listening, and watching! 
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Love, Theresa xo


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