Jo Knowles: May in Vermont

From: Jo Knowles
May 07, 2012 at 08:02AM

Every spring, I begin my daily walk around the house.
First, I celebrate being able to go all the way around without touching any snow.
Then, I celebrate the first crocus bloom.
The first beautiful green daffodil and iris shoots that add color to the brown bed.
Signs of life at last.
Then tulip and hyacinth.
Now, our daffodils have bloomed, in all their lovely shades of yellow.
Half the tulips have opened, adding pink, orange, red and purple.
The hyacinths bloomed last week.
My walks are slower now, stopping to pull out the dandelions.
Unwanted grass.
And an untold other number of weeds trying to take residence.
As I bend over and yank and pull, I notice more life emerging.
The hostas are coming up now.
And the peonies.
And, I admit, some friends whose names I never learned.
But are welcome just the same.
When you live in Vermont, the green in May is a magical thing.
Colors, even more so.
And the people, too, seem different somehow.
Faces lift to the sun, instead of seeking shelter from the cold inside a jacket collar.
There are more smiles.
More knowing nods.
Sharing relief over getting through another winter.
There is pre-mature sandal wearing without judgement.
And kids wearing shorts, despite 40º mornings.
Because it WILL get warmer later in the day.
This is Vermont in May.
This is spring.
This is hope.
And I am grateful to be here.


Monday Morning Warm-Up:

What is May like where you live? Make a list poem! 🙂


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