Stacy Mozer: A Great Week of #RAOKblitz

From: It’s All About the Journey
May 20, 2012 at 08:00AM

I had such a great time participating in the Random Acts of Kindness Blitz. I hope you enjoyed Joan Riordan’s poems. Thank you for reading and continue commenting. Don’t forget to visit The Bookshelf Muse blog to see more random acts by other writers.

Here are a few more poems by Joan Riordan

Babysitting Blues
By Joan Riordan
   My                           I
 energy                  wish this
is sapped.             kid napped.
Changing Seth’s Diaper
By Joan Riordan

Changing Seth’s diaper
Set the chandelier rattling.
It was like dinosaurs battling.
There was defensive bobbing,
Dodging, growling, sobbing.
The tabs got mangled.
The diaper dangled.
In the end,
I was breathless
And the diaper was-


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  1. Brilliant–I love both. Brought back some memories of when my kids were that age, LOL. Thanks so much for participating in RAOK! Have a great Sunday,


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