Lisa J. Rogers: Adopt a corgi in honor of the Queen

From: Dreams du Dog

Looking rather regal, even if I am a full-blooded American.

Brought some of my old (read: ineffective) restraining apparatus and unwanted toys out to Buddy Dog Humane Society. Featured on the wall of the reception area: A photo of my handsome self, stretching after a nap, along with a glowing testimonial of my wonderfulness written by Mom (she must have been delirious).

Mom and my sister took the opportunity to check out the dogs available for adoption. You never know what treasures you’ll find! Mom considered the bloodhound, but she was even larger than I, and you know what challenges my size has caused. Then, she saw a lovely Pembroke Welsh Corgi, three years old, petite, and as sweet as could be. What better way to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee than to provide a home for her favorite breed? Don’t forget, a dog’s home is his castle, even if it’s not Windsor.


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