Mona Pease: Dance! Dance! Dancing!

From: Mona Meanders

  You know me. I love to sing and dance and cheer for my friends.  So here I go again shaking my glitzy pom poms and sending out rah, rah, rahs to …
Christine Tricarico,  for the release of her new picture book.

   I ordered this several months ago and forgot when it was supposed to come so it was a nice surprise that the mail lady delivered the other day!
  I’ll tell you that the fun begins and all Farm breaks loose when Rooster catches a jitterbug! It’s a frolicy, rolicky, dancing, prancing, singing, swinging, swaying, playing, rhyming picture book. Fun fun fun! And, again as I look at my friend’s book, I’m truly amazed at how an art editor finds the perfect illustrator to add life to the author’s story.  Look at this!!!!!!  The vivid colors truly enhance each colorful word that Christine carefully chose to entertain the reader. You’ll want your own copy!
     Now, for other things. My calendar is full, as is my life. So full, that I had to choose between my favorite writing schmooze or a family event over the week-end. Family of course prevailed-the whole family pitched in to buy Colby a drum set that he was saving for. It was so exciting for all of us to share his excitement. There will never be another quiet day in that musical household besides the fact that there are 2 teenagers now!!!
      My other choice, the one I didn’t do, was to join friends for the business of writing. I love it so much so it was hard to pass up. It’s one of the few times each year that I get face to face, in person writing, critiquing, and chatter, and the after work activities, all hosted by our friend Tamra Wight (and her family) at Poland Spring Campground.
I especially missed “the after school” kayaking and getting to see the triplets. Here’s Tami’s photo of them…Amazing, huh!

   There was still lots going on here at home. Between birthday party, zumbaing and helping paint the new “dance studio”,  I wrote and critiqued and chatted with writer friends-online! That’s all good.
    And, I know that this is way off topic, but do you know anyone that can twist a cherry stem into a knot, inside their mouth, with their tongue?  I know, sometimes I ask the weirdest things, but a few weeks ago, at zumba, no less, one of the girls demonstrated this fete to me, and it amazed me so much, I had to see it again. So this morning I got up to  the announcement of the new Miss USA, and read the news that one of her talents (I guess that’s the category) is this:

Pageant officials also noted that Culpo “can tie a cherry stem with her tongue.”

We’re still in pouring rain mode here in Maine, but enjoy the day anyway. Have fun. Read, even if it’s trivia about beauty pageant  winners, write, “call a friend”. I think I’ll do all of the above and simmer chicken soup on the wood stove besides.


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