Julie True Kingsley: Does Your “To Do” List Look Like This?

From: Julie True Kingsley’s Blog

To Do List:

Get up

Make breakfast

Decide what to wear for fortune telling

Clean up

Make bed

Research story ideas for new collaboration

Write chapter on  Planet Five (Any ideas greatly appreciated)

How do I tell a fortune? Crap, Google that.

Edit futuristic science fiction novel,  focus on T Rex Snots

Take kid to doctor at 12:30 (Lunch time!), feed kid lunch first

Organize other fortune tellers


Organize piano lesson, lacrosse, and trip to library

Critique a story about a very cool plant

Eat leftover hot fudge

Look up palm reading again

Dress up like palm reader

Pretend I know what I’m doing!

I mean, seriously, does your day look like this?


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