Julie True Kingsley: Top Ten Tips for Surviving Summer Vacation

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It’s here.  The last day of school.   Summer is a magical time where kids can explore who they want to be.  They can find themselves in social situations where they grow and problem-solve in new ways.

Now, this doesn’t mean as a parent that you shouldn’t go into summer without a plan.  I know what you are saying to yourself, “I’m just going to let the days unfold in a blaze of glory.”  Stop those thoughts.  Plan then unfold.  It just makes more sense.

Top Ten Tips for Surviving Summer Vacation:

10.) Have plenty of wine of hand (Obvious, I know).

9.) Charge for the phrase, “I’m bored.” I’m thinking .50 cents for the first time of the day and then a quarter after that.  After the kid pays up say things like, “I’ve got a job for you…” They hate that.

8.) Continue the learning process before the brain experiences August atrophy. We will be doing daily mini-lessons because the teacher in me can’t resist a little homeschool.

7.) Plan at least two days of a week and post on a schedule so everyone has something to look forward to.

6.) Encourage children to find their own playmates.

5.) Post a reading list! One for you too.  Then sit and read daily.

4.) Make your own Momma Boot Camp.  A fit parent is a happy parent. (Wish this was my idea.  Some neighborhood ladies are way ahead of me as usual).

3.) Stock the beer fridge.  Have loads of munchies on hand.  Yell to people from your front porch until they join you. On that note, walk on by and I’ll invite you to stay for a drink.  (I also make a mean homemade lemonade!).

2.) Create an environment of the unexpected.  Put them in the car and lie about where you going. Then, pull in somewhere amazing.  This makes you a star!  So easy.

1.) Send them to overnight camp! (Backpacking here I come!)


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