Julie True Kingsley: On the Train

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June 14, 2012 at 08:43AM

Trains make me feel productive.  I like to get on, crack open my computer, and slip into my space.  This gets me thinking about productivity. What do you need to accomplish each day to feel productive?  Yesterday, I got to the end of the day and I wasn’t quite sure what I accomplished.  I know that I fed people and sort of cleaned the house but in the end it never was something that I could measure.

That’s what I like about writing.  It’s an easy measure.  Yes, I wrote 3,000 words.  I edited ten pages.  Teaching can give you the same satisfaction.  I taught six new concepts. I graded thirty papers.  Easy.

I’m thinking maybe summer is about how well you measure fun.  How many beach days can you fit into the week?  How many hikes can you accomplish before the snow flies?  How many meals can you eat outside under the stars?  This is especially important if you live in Maine where perfect weather is fleeting.  There is no point in measuring our days in the same way.

I’m heading to Boston.  I’m going to accomplish the one project that I haven’t done this spring.  I’m going to do it in one day–beginning, middle, and end.  Then I will close the door to my churning brain and let it rest awhile.  I wonder how that will go?


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