Jo Knowles: Friday 5: A good week

From: Jo Knowles
June 15, 2012 at 08:13AM

This week has been filled with friendship, love, hard work, and astonishingly good news. I really do not want it to end.

Monday, I had several local lady friends join me on my deck for wine, yummy food, and thoughtful (and silly) conversation that went into the night.

Tuesday, my friends Robin and Holly came for making dinner, catching up, and sharing news.

Wednesday was for writing and sharing. Sitting by a river while we ate ice-cream, another meal, getting some tough love–and much-needed assistance–on my WIP, and sending Holly on her way.

Thursday was more writing, then taking a canoe out on a lake, more ice-cream by the water, more meal-making, and watching an old movie.

Thursday was also for getting the incredible, shocking news that SEE YOU AT HARRY’S will be a New York Times Editor’s Pick in their June 23 issue! HOW. IS. THIS. POSSIBLE?!?! I now know what “giddy” truly feels like.

Friday is for driving to Boston and saying good-bye for now to Robin, and then heading to Simmons College to speak on a panel about writing for the Children’s Literature Association Conference. Then, battling Friday night traffic to get back to Vermont for a weekend of mowing lawns, gardening, and being with family.

I know Thankful Thursday was yesterday, but today I am still feeling tremendously thankful. For friends, for family, for love, for ice-cream, and for news that still seems too impossible to believe. 🙂


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