Linda Zajac:

From: Linda Zajac
June 21, 2012 at 09:04PM

I have been hastily slapping together plans to travel cross country, so it’s been a very busy week.  I am SO excited and exceptionally grateful that I will get the opportunity to visit two places I am currently writing about.  One is in the Midwest and the other is on the West Coast.  I was initially planning to leave all writing behind, but now I’m so charged up I wouldn’t dream of it! 

I bought a few things for the trip: a 2-person tent, sleeping pads, a headlamp (Walt lost his), and a waterproof bag.  The last time we went family camping, rain turned our cheap tent into a waterbed, so being watertight was a biggie.  I have some adventures planned, but they are weather dependent so no sense going into that now.

Poor Charlotte was a sorry sight at Mystic Aquarium.  She was hit by a propeller and now she spends most of her day on her head (kinda like me last week!).  It was sad to see a turtle with bubble-butt.  


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