Stacy Mozer: Using Track Changes Without Losing Your Mind

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July 01, 2012 at 08:57AM

Track Changes is a mode in Word that allows you to keep track of every insertion, deletion, space removal, and even make notes on your writing. It can be a great way to share your thoughts with others in a critique group or show your agent/editor what changes you have made.

It can also drive you crazy.
If you are like me and you revise the same sentence or paragraph over and over, track changes can make your manuscript look like gobbley goop. Red marks, arrows, boxes, highlights all over the place. Here is a tip for using track changes without losing your mind:
1. First step is to turn on track changes. Do that by going to TOOLS>TRACK CHANGES>HIGHLIGHT – Now every change you make will be tracked.
2. To the far left on the reviewing toolbar that says track changes, there is a pull down menu that says FINAL SHOWING MARKUP. Switch this to FINAL and your highlights have now disappeared from view. They are still there, but you can now work in a clean, clear, space. You can also use this pulldown menu to look back at the original document.
Do you use track changes and have other tricks/suggestions? If not, how do you see what you’ve changed in your work?

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