Julie True Kingsley: Sting! Unusual Remedies and Cures.

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July 02, 2012 at 09:20AM

Nothing like some good flower pictures to make you appreciate the humble bee.  I like flowers.  I like honey.  I do not like bee stings.  I didn’t like it when I got stung on the foot and hobbled around for days.  I was so  swollen my toes wouldn’t even fit around flip-flops.  I didn’t like it when a bee danced around the pin that held together my broken fingers bones together.  Luckily, it escaped my bandage before flying out and biting me on the back.  As you can imagine, it’s no big surprise that I wasn’t thrilled to be stung this weekend right before I was to float down a river for three hours.

It kind of happened like this.  I was mucking around looking at water shoes when it got me.  Next thing I knew, I was jumping around like a psycho trying to find the stinger in my armpit.  This is rather awkward when you really don’t know the people you are with.  My college friend’s wife (Yup, just met her!), dragged me into the house and made me a baking soda concoction to rub on the bite.  I then put a bunch of warm water on it and covered it with a paper towel that hung out of my bathing suit in a way that’s reminiscent of a little old lady keeping a tissue in her bra.

I came home and did a little research.  Would you like to have more bee sting remedies up your sleeve (or tucked in your bra!)? Oh, my swelling is causing odd humor.  I’ll try to suppress it.

Home remedies for the sting:

Make pastes of tobacco, clay, or salt.  You can use toothpaste or garlic (Possibly both if you are trying to ward off vampires and smell good).  You can use urine (Which also works on jellyfish stings.  I’ve done it and it works.  Though it’s difficult to find people who want to urinate on you.  That’s a good thing.  I actually peed in a cup and dumped.  This works fine, and must admit, it worked. What’s a little pee? It’s PH neutral.) You can use copper coins, though I’m not sure how this works.  Do you tape on a lucky penny from your pocket? Does it stop because now you are lucky?  No idea. You can use a plantain.  Though, that’d be hard to find in most of the country.  Peanut butter is rumored to work, but if I did that the dogs would just follow me around licking me like I was a giant bone.  I’m not sure that’d help.  I guess my favorite remedy for the sting would be honey.  Just put little honey on it and it’ll feel better.

In the end, I like bees.  I like flowers.  I do not like stings.  Hopefully, you’ll find this blog useful this summer.   Let me know what works, I’m sure that I’ll get stung again.

(If you are wondering about the flower pictures, they were taken by my eight year old daughter.  She’s working on being a still photographer. She needed to you to know.)


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