Julie True Kingsley: Summer Squalor Leads to Thoughts on Social Media

From: Julie True Kingsley’s Blog
July 05, 2012 at 11:56AM

I’ve been sitting around lately eating too much lobster and way too much ice cream.   You see, the lack of summer structure is making me kind of lazy.  I’ve had difficult time finding where the shower is, and if I find the shower, I might need to fold some towels, and to do that I’ll need to wash the clothes…

You see where this is going!

If you see me around town, just look away, and pretend that it’s not me.  I’ll do the same out of summer courtesy. We’ll talk about again in the fall.

The thing is that I miss teaching.  You know, it forced me to get up and get moving, and its fun to teach stuff.   I’m going to use my blog today for a lesson in being successful using social media.  Maybe just getting a lesson out of my system is all I need to steam it up for a productive day.

My Top Five Tips For Using Social Media:

1.) Always be positive when posting on-line.  If you can’t be positive try at least to be funny or snarky.  People like that too.

2.) Try to refrain from posting pictures of yourself naked.  I talked about this in my class and I know many of you may have done this (Or you are horrified right now!).  It might seem fun at the time, but once you press send you no longer own your own nudity.   You might find yourself on Revengeporn.com, a site that ties to your other social media sites  where people log on and tease your naked body.  This might be bad for not only self-esteem, but also the job search.

(There is a whole texting component to the this that can also get you in trouble.  Don’t do it.)

3.) Social Media is all about networking, use it to expand your professional opportunities.  Do this by being honest about what you can do!  I’ve scored all kinds of freelance work via social media: editing, consulting, palm reading, teaching.  Think of each on-line friend as a connection that could further your career or enhance your life in some way.

4.) Try to keep family drama off social media.  I realize that this is oh so tempting, and I must admit I find it kind of fascinating when I see it unfold,  but it’s like airing out dirty undies on the front porch.  Just don’t do it.

5.) Set your social media goals!  What do you want to gain from social media? It’s such a simple question, but I would say that in this economy you never know when you are going to need connections.  Make them!

*** This may seem obvious, but now that I teach this stuff  I’m hyper sensitive to analyzing on-line content.  What kind of on-line trail do you want the world to see?  Think about it, then create it.


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