Julie True Kingsley: Dog Wars!

From: Julie True Kingsley’s Blog
July 09, 2012 at 08:08AM

Had a dog war at my house last week.

While most wars are fought over land or honor or ideals, this fight started over a disgusting granola cheese rawhide bone that I bought for half price at Mardens.

(Don’t buy them! They may seem cheap, but the smell of  these things will not only curl your toenails but insight riots in the neighborhood!).

I bought three bones.  I had three dogs.  At one point, each dog had a bone.  Then a single dog had all the bones.

Other dogs whined and barked, but the top dog gathered the goods and patrolled the area.

Not a soul dared defy this growling mass of dog muscle.

While the the other dogs looked on with a yearning that hid their devious plots to take back the reward.

(Disclaimer, I think this dog post reflects my lack of writing this summer.  I am at the point of making something out of nothing.)

For a softer side of Lulu, check out The Christmas Truce.  Its not all bad!



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