Linda Zajac:

From: Linda Zajac
July 09, 2012 at 10:40PM

We came up with three ways to get a car out to our daughter in California:

1. Spend a vacation in CA shopping for a car
2. Ship the car (over $1,000)
3. Drive a car out West and make a vacation out of it

Although I’m not proud of chewing through so much gas, it seemed that driving was the best choice.  Along the way we hiked in five national parks, visited two research facilities and spotted evidence of climate change.  We passed forest, mountain, desert, ocean and prairie.  When it was possible, I checked email and got news that was deeply disappointing.  Later more news came, but this time it was highly exciting.

On one trail in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, I showed my photographs to a park ranger.  She verified they were moose scat and moose tracks, but I saw no sign of the moose.

  Later that day I finally spotted my mammal!


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