Julie True Kingsley: The New “Do Nothing” Rage

From: Julie True Kingsley’s Blog
July 11, 2012 at 11:03AM

Have you been following the buzz around the New York Times article,  The Busy Trap?  It has been all the buzz with my momma friends who are looking for excuses to sit around all summer long.  Must say, I’m guilty.  Not just a little guilty, I’m oh so guilty.  I’ve been to a water source for the last twelve days.  I’ve sat on numerous beaches,  floated down rivers, and enjoyed more than one dip in the pool.  I’ve essentially simplified my life and toasted it to nightly cocktails.  You know what I call this? Good parenting! The kids are having a blast.  Isn’t that what summer should be about?

The thing is that when you embrace the “Anti-busy Trap” life eventually catches up to you. Laundry piles up, you forget to eat those artisan raspberries in the fridge, and your skin starts resembling that dried plum in the back of the pantry.  Today,  I’m trying to ignore that sea breeze that is gently calling me from the beach. It’s so tempting…

It’s interesting, when you live in Maine nice days are so fleeting that you feel like you simply deserve it.  For me, letting go of my agendas has been surprisingly easy.  I know that it’ll only take the first turn of a cold day to remind me to get back to work.  Though I’m starting to think that a great deal of work happens in the “do nothing” space.  Ideas are bouncing around and taking shape and opportunity seems everywhere.

How’s your “do nothing” working for you?


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