Julie True Kingsley: An Island Adventure

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July 25, 2012 at 10:21AM

I wasn’t on Monhegan Island for more than five minutes before I wanted to explore Manana.  This is the smaller island directly across the bay.  I could see people walking around, but no obvious way to get there but swim or steal a kayak.  So I asked someone how to get there.  It kind of went like this:

“Okay dear, go down the road, you’ll find a box with a big sign that says Rusty. Open the box and give him a call on the CB.  He’ll take you ovah.”

“So, I just call him on the CB and he’ll come pick us up?”

“That’s right.”

We meandered down the road until we came to a waterproof  box on the side of the road with a CB in it.  One could not help but be impressed with this ingenuity.  You find that kind of thing in Maine.  People just out making a few bucks while the tourists are in town.  On that note, while I’m from Maine, I’m not sure that Rusty considered me a local.

“Calling Rusty to go to Manana.”

“Be right there,” he responded.  ”Meet yah at Fish Beach.”

Rusty buzzed across the harbor and pulled his boat on to shore.

“It’ll be ten dollars for the each of you,” he said. “The trip back is free.”

I know that he could tell from the crazy look in my eye that I was ready to just jump in.

He raised a single hand. ”Now dear, I’ve got a whole system here,” he said placing a Oakhurst milk crate down on the sand.  ”Work with the tides and jump.”

We jumped and were soon buzzing across the harbor.

“Now listen,” Rusty said, “I’ve got two rules.  No going in the stone house and no touching the goats.”

“Well okay.”

We unloaded to explore the island that the Andrew and Jamie Wyeth’s had made famous.

So when we finally got our fill of this beautiful island, we naturally called Rusty on the CB.

He pulled in and I asked, “Hey Rusty, anyone ever not follow your rules?”

“Yup, a New Yorker.  Went right through that stone house and jumped on a goat.”

“Seriously? What happened?”

“I left him out here until right before his ferry came.  Made him sweat it out until the very last minute.  Sure felt good.”

That, indeed, surpasses my island adventure.

*Rusty, loved the trip and the conversation.  Keep up the great work!


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