Julie True Kingsley: Thoughts from the Casino

From: Julie True Kingsley’s Blog
July 31, 2012 at 11:56AM

Greetings from Foxwoods Casino! I’m currently sitting next to the Premier Ballroom with not a dollar in my pocket.  It seems I have a little problem.  I lost my twenty-five dollars of gambling money in a flash.  I’ve come to the conclusion that a casino is such an interesting place for a little soul searching.

Last night we had a “business meeting” at Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak.  I was talking too much and somehow the leftovers slipped away without me noticing.  I’m obsessing on the loss.  Is this a good use of brainpower?  I think not, but it was most delicious.   Why didn’t I take pictures?  I thought I’d class it up for a change.  No use.  It turns out that you can leave the camera at home, but it’s difficult to change true character.

Midway through dinner, I had the slow realization that I am a total nut ball.  Ever since I had that palm reading gig, I can’t resist reading random people’s palms.  It’s like a nervous tic.  Real issues.  I have real issues.  Then after two glasses of wine, I got that Maine accent started (I rediscovered it on Monhegan) and right there was the end of my composure.

I went to the spa this morning pondered my madness between trips to the steam room and sauna.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it just may be time that I ramp up the work thing, so that I have something else to talk to people about at business dinners.   Writing novels is great, but the process is so darn slow.  It’s time to supplement all of this art with something credible and solid.  I’m thinking law school, but I must not be giving that vibe to people I meet.

This is the list of jobs people have told me in the last month I should get:

  • Public Speaker (I’d love this.  I’m cheap.  Hire me.  I’ll talk about whatever you want)
  • Professional Comedian (What?)
  • Skype Palm Reading (There just might be a market for this!)
  • Book Think Tank (Now this I could do)
  • Actress (That’s funny)

I’m so confused.  As a matter of fact,  I’m starting to think I should go gamble again.  I think I might have an extra five in the bottom of my bag. Maybe I should go play the penny slots since I don’t really have a poker face.  At this point, peering out at this carpet, it seems like the best choice for today.

With so many possibilities in the air, it’s really difficult to decide what’s the best plan to supplement my writing career.   For now, it’s penny slots for me.

PS: You’ll notice that I didn’t take any pictures in the actual casino.  I did that in France and it wasn’t pretty.

PPS: This totally took me longer than fifteen minutes to write. I’m getting rusty.


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