Lisa J. Rogers: Two great pups, ready for adoption!

From: Dreams du Dog
August 02, 2012 at 11:55AM

Mickey, 9 months. Super cute!
We could be twins.

If you’d like a dog that will stop people in their tracks, overcome by its handsomeness, elegance and seemingly well-behaved mannerisms, then head right on over to Buddy Dog Humane Society to check out two Walker hounds who need homes.

Roscoe, 9 months old. He’s ready for fun!

I haven’t met them, but if they’re anything like moi, they’re sweet, sleep a lot when they’re not up to a bit of mischief, are super friendly and easy to love. Most likely, they’ll be a bit stubborn, but that’s just because they are incredibly smart. And who doesn’t want an intellectual companion?

Just be sure you have a fence, because, boy, do we like to run.

To learn more about hounds, check out the Coonhound Companions website. While you’re there, head to the Long Ears Blog to read Mom’s post on the joys of adopting me.
Then, when you just can’t stand it any longer, head right over to Buddy Dog to give these guys a home. And let me know, because they look like they’d be super playmates!


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