The Write Sisters: Poetry Friday–“In the Garden”

August 03, 2012 at 12:01AM

Here for your reading pleasure is a poem by Eavan Boland. I will offer it unadorned for it needs no explanations or comments!

In the Garden

Let’s go out now
before the morning
gets warm.
Get your bicycle,

your teddy bear–
the one that’s penny-colored
like your hair–
and come.

I want to show you
I don’t exactly know.
We’ll find out.

It’s our turn
in this garden,
by this light,
among the snails

and daisies–
one so slow
and one so closed–
to learn.

I could show you things:
how the poplar root
is pushing through,
how your apple tree is doing,

how daisies
shut like traps.
But you’re happy
as it is

and innocence
that until this
was just
an abstract water,

welling elsewhere
to refresh,
is risen here
my daughter:

before the dew,
before the bloom
the snail was here.
The whole morning is his loom

and this is truth,
this is brute grace
as only instinct knows
how to live it:

turn to me
your little face.
It shows a trace still,
an inkling of it.

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Photo © Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.


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