Julie True Kingsley: Jo Knowles, the Corn Meal Moth, and the Web

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August 22, 2012 at 07:48AM

Jo Knowles, fabulous author of See You at Harry’s just wrote a really great blog post about the parallels between running and writing.  Check it out here: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/253326.Jo_Knowles/blog.  This made me laugh and whole-heartedly agree on her great points, but Jo’s so zen-like, and I am well…


This really got me thinking about what my writing life parallels.  Let me first take a step back.  I’m been battling the cotton meal moth.  These moths, I’m told, hitch a ride to bulk storage bins at the grocery store.  Then they take root in your pantry noshing everything from cayenne pepper to pasta to oatmeal.   I’m obsessed by them.  The deal is that you must kill every single little moth you see because each male can have about a thousand baby mouths (okay, I’m exaggerating),  and if those thousand baby moths have a thousand more, than you have a real problem.  What’s in my pantry now?  Nothing.  It’s all in the freezer (hiding from the moths).

The point is that I’m attacking that cupboard just like I attack a book.  You must be brutal and thorough in your process.  You must squish your language into the most economical form of words ever, while still having enough tension and character development and actual story.

Like squishing the corn meal moth this is quite an undertaking.

I guess if I must hang out in the bug world, I’d much rather align myself with a spider.  Their work is meticulous and seems much more relaxed then my frenzy of moth extraction.

I guess my point is that in all of these projects, one has no choice but to keep on plugging away.  The road to publication is long and difficult, just like the road to the corn meal moth extermination.

If only I had some of Jo Knowles’ zen!

Maybe next year!

(I bet you are wondering how I get rid of those moths.  I zap them with an aromatic organic lavender spray.  It smells good and I don’t feel as guilty about the fight.  On that note, my husband thinks I wouldn’t make a good Tibetan monk.  I have no idea what they would do with these moths.  It’s not like you can round them up and stick them outside! I mean seriously…)


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