Kip Wilson Rechea: Welcome to Week 1 of September #Wipmadness!

From: Kip Wilson Rechea
September 03, 2012 at 06:11AM

First off, a quick introduction to any of you in the interwebs not familiar with the glory of #wipmadness. In March of 2011, Denise Jaden kicked off a “March Madness” writing challenge filled with blog hops every day of the month to motivate fellow writers to work on their goals: writing, revising, and even reading. Over on twitter, there was this strange basketball thing going on at the same time, so we had to hunt for a unique hashtag and thus #wipmadness was born.

#Wipmadness was so majorly awesome that other writers started volunteering to host a month-long weekly check-in on their blogs so that the madness could continue. The best part is that it’s never too late to join in. If you’re working on a WIP and could use a little motivation, you have come to the right group!

Like many of the hosts before me, I’m also going to be offering up PRIZES for lucky commenters on the blog this month. I’ve got four awesome books to share (three YA novels and one on craft) and will send one out each week.

If that’s not enough, we’ll be chatting here this month about the things that make us love our projects! *hugs project* Last week, YA Highway asked about our project’s Love List, and I thoroughly enjoyed coming up with my own list and reading the cool lists that other contributors posted. I’m going to be continuing my draft on that project this month with a goal of 15K new words, and I couldn’t be happier. Who wouldn’t want to spend a month in virtual Iceland?

What about you, Wipsters? Care to share an item or two from your own WIP Love List? Anyone else have specific goals for the month? I’d love to hear them!



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  1. Oh, so awesome, Kip! Thanks for hosting this month! August was not a bad WIP month considering all the hubbub at my house, trip to NC, start of school (x2), and foot surgery. Frankenfoot and I managed to slug out a couple of new/revised chapters. As of the Love list:

    •Spooky, Ghosty stuff all over the place
    •A spunky but searching female MC who’s up for a real fight
    •An awesome agent who set me back on the right track for these revisions and all the cool stuff that came from her brilliant and gently placed feedback.

    Good luck, Wipsters! Let’s kick some September butt!

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