Laurie Smith Murphy: Oh The Places We’ll Go…

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September 03, 2012 at 12:01PM

I’m working on a new story, a middle-grade novel with the working title, Fairy Girl. I won’t divulge too much about the specifics because I find that slows the momentum. I wake early to write, before I get ready to start my day as a 3rd grade teacher, and leap into words. I am often surprised by my characters and where they take me. Almost every day, they reveal more about their personalities and motivations. They amaze me with their insight and their reactions to what’s going on around them. I have a basic understanding of my story and where I want it to go. Sometimes, however, my characters have different ideas about that. They often take me for wild rides and I hang on to see where they will lead. I’m sure most writers agree that this is one of the best rides they will ever take. I love to be surprised and to go with the words. It’s an amazing experience.

Okay, I’ll divulge one thing about my main character’s best friend that I didn’t know. Lilah can be bossy and gets bored easily. She revealed this about herself just the other morning when she was interacting with Gracie, my protagonist. This is the not-so-nice part of her personality, but then again, we all have not-so-nice parts. That’s what makes us human. And that’s what makes our characters three-dimensional and realistic. Hopefully it’s what makes them jump off the page.

Hold on tight and be amazed! Oh the places we’ll go…


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