Julie True Kingsley: See the World

From: Julie True Kingsley’s Blog
September 21, 2012 at 04:29PM

I’ve never really been a compulsive person.  You know what I mean.  I sometimes exercise.  I sometimes clean my house.  I never clean my car (and it shows), but lately I’ve been a tad hooked on a project that seems to be taking over my life.

No, it’s not Joshua Chamberlain.  It should be Joshua Chamberlain.  You might recall we are long lost siblings.  It’s my new writing project that seems to be sucking the breath out of my soul.

The funny is that when this happens you literally fall out of your real world and into a fake world.  This might be when you tell me that I need some serious therapy.  I agree.

The thing is when you finally go back out into the real world its so vibrant and magical.  Check out those chili peppers from my walk.  Aren’t they amazing! So red and alive.

I meant to say so many other things today, but I didn’t.

See you Monday.


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