Julie True Kingsley: Finding Followers on Twitter~My Top Ten Tips

From: Julie True Kingsley’s Blog
September 24, 2012 at 12:26PM

First, you may want to review why I think that Twitter is a great tool for writers.  I’d like to add to that post today with a focus on how to gain followers on Twitter.  This post is for everyone, not just writers, so put on your social media thinking cap and lets get started.

Twitter is a great search engine and social media tool that will increase your exposure to new ideas and possibilities–it is also a fickle beast.

Mike Stiles wrote about a really great post on why out of Twitter’s 500 million followers only 170 million are active–http://www.vitrue.com/7-reasons-your-users-abandoned-twitter/. This is well worth the read.  If you are too lazy to click through, I’ll summarize.  Twitter is hard to use until you use it.  It’s like heading off to college and finding the perfect dorm.  This might take a while to find.  You may have to move off campus.  You may need to transfer.  It’s the same thing.  It’s about finding a group of like-minded people that you want to get to know and that will help you with your future.  Easy.

The biggest question that people ask me about Twitter is how to get anyone to follow you.  This is a fine question.  Let’s be frank–Twitter is a rough start.  If you have no followers, nobody wants to follow you.  Honestly, I don’t want to follow you.  People with no followers are often just spam.

That’s the conundrum right there.

Okay, let’s break this down.  It’s simple.  After you have 100 followers people just come out of the Twitter universe and its effortless to build a large platform with little to no work!  The downside, it does take some time to make the Twitterverse work for you, but in the end the industry connections are well worth the time spent building a base of followers.

Finding Followers on Twitter! 

10.) Don’t go on and just follow celebrities.  They don’t help you build community

9.) Start slow & pin-point which search engine you want to be a part of.

(writing, social media, web design, etc.)

8.) Design your site with the vibe that you are trying to convey.

7.) Use images to show what is important to you (Twit pics).

6.) Find chats via hashtags and join conversations. Follow people here!

(I got the best info the other day about story apps under #storyappchat)

5.) Tweet about focused content.

4.) Retweet stuff that you think people will really love.

3.) Don’t be afraid to delete people that won’t follow you back.

(If they don’t want to be friends, ditch ‘em. It’s not personal.)

2.) You can always find people you actually know! Or sort of know.

(This works best if they are in same network you are looking to build followers in.)

1.) Just be yourself!

Twitter can be an awkward cafeteria of cliques.  To deal with this you really have no choice but to just jump in.  I mean, really, we are not high school anymore!


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