Julie True Kingsley: Pittsburgh, an Idiot, and some Jail Time

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October 05, 2012 at 09:07AM

Last year around this time, I travelled to Pittsburgh.  I did quite a few posts about my trip.   In one of the posts, I did the unthinkable:  I forgot the h in Pittsburgh.  I guess this h is a real hotspot for people.  It really riles them up.  Makes them a tad cranky.  Pushes over the edge.

Just check out this blog story that originated from a little missing h.

“Hey you big fat idiot, you forgot the damn h in Pittsburgh.  That a point with me, I’m a local.” ~Ralph

I recall thinking to myself.  Geeze buddy, you don’t need to be so snarky.  I’m working on fifteen minutes or less on this posts.

“Ralph, thank you for alerting me to my huge mistake.  It’s was unthinkable what I did.  I’ve remedied the situation and the h is now intact in Pittsburgh.”

At this point, I went along with my daily life not really thinking about Ralph again.  I mean, he was some random commenter on my blog.  Until a few months later when I got an email from a man I didn’t know, it was Ralph’s brother, Jim.

“Julie, I am hoping that you can help me find Ralph.  He’s missing.”

Well, this has never happened before.  People, batten down the hatches we’ve lost Ralph.  I responded as tactfully as I could:

“You know, Ralph called me an idiot once a few months ago due to a missing h in Pittsburgh, but I’m totally curious where he is.”

“I used to be a newspaper man.  I understand the notion of wanting to see a story through.  I’ll keep you posted.” ~Jim

“Please do…” I responded.

A few weeks passed and I didn’t hear from Jim again.  As far as I could tell, Ralph was just hanging out harassing other people’s blogs.  I mean Ralph couldn’t really be missing, right?

Then out of the blue,  an email from Jim:

“Julie, I just wanted to let you know that we found Ralph.  He has been incarcerated in Milwaukee for outstanding parking tickets.  He’ll be home and safe in Pennsylvania in no time at all.”


Blogging is a random thing, yup it is.


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