Peter Davis: HPL

From: The Tech Curmudgeon
October 10, 2012 at 01:00AM

In an earlier post, I compared some of the magic in the
Harry Potter stories with technology that’s available today. It occurred
to me that the best use of this overlap would be to implement a computer
programming language whose built-in operators are spells from the Harry
Potter books. We will call this, naturally, HPL (Harry Potter Language).

As I first step, I’m proposing the following:

Command Effect
Accio Browse to URL
Alohomora ********
Avada Kadavra Exit program
Confundus Display engineer-written help message
Engorgio Fill available memory.
Expecto Patronum Launch a new process
Expelliarmus Eject CD
Imperio sudo
Legilimens Show stack trace
Lumos Brighten screen
Obliviate Delete
Patrificus Totalis Freeze computer1
Prior Incantato Undo
Riddikulus Can be substituted for any program written in HPL

1Redundant on Windows


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