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From: Linda Zajac
October 12, 2012 at 05:09PM

This past week I spoke to an editor.  Some of the things I mentioned got misinterpreted.  Perhaps I did not explain my thoughts well enough or maybe these conclusions were a stretch?  For example, I may be disappointed when an editor moves out of editing science books, but that doesn’t mean I’m pessimistic about the direction of the industry.  Au contraire.  This line of thinking brought me to the subject of climate change.

Often the words of scientists, writers and speakers on this controversial subject are challenged, misinterpreted and distorted.   I like challenges, so maybe that’s why I’m drawn to the topic.  There is also no shortage of research papers.  It gives me great pleasure to find the facts,  wrestle with the words and write it so it can be understood.  So far so good, but perhaps some day I will have to deal with those who are staunchly against getting the word out.

These photographs were taken at Woods Hole Mass.  One speaker discussed how eel grass was vanishing in the estuaries on the Cape.  David, my partner-in-crime, was studying an old piece of cedar found on a Cape Cod beach.    


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